Exmark Quest 2009 Zero Turn Mower Review

by Greg
(ElDorado, AR U. S. )

The Exmark Quest mower is just too cheaply designed in my opinion!

The rear muffler started rattling and the welds came loose from the muffler chamber. Luckily, my brother had a Miller matic wire welder and was able to beef up the welds that came loose.

Also, the idler pulleys that power the hydraulic motors are made on Nylon plastic and they just can't take the friction and heat of the belt during operation. Am having to replace the second idler pully because it has failed! However I am trying to locate metal idler pullies to fix this sorry design flaw! The plastic flat belt pullies are sorry sorry sorry and will keep you broke down coming back to the parts place over and over again!

Just not enough grease alimites. They should have at least made greasable blade spindles because they will more than likely be the next problem with this mower. I am not sure if one could take them apart and replace the bearings and pop out inner seals and install an alimite so that the bearing hubs could be filled with grease and thus lubricating the blade bearings.

Cheap hydraulic reservoir is so small that it only holds very little fluid. I suppose they were banking on the pumps failing quickly.

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Jul 22, 2012
Parts outsource NEW
by: Greg

In regards to my last post about the Exmark Quest mower I am not trying to bash the quality of the Quest mower. I am just pointing out what I have found out about this mower while doing a few hours of repairs. Part outsourceing from CHINA is the problem and I am very disapointed with this. The deck on this mower has two Pulleys which are plastic and are made in China. The hydraulic Pumps have two idler pulleys that are also plastic and Made in China. It appears that the designers of this mower have intentially done this to have repeat Parts customers. These idler pulleys could have easily been Made here in the USA Metal idler pulleys with better quality sealed bearings. I was able to find metal idler pulleys at another parts dealer locally so I replaced the plastic pulleys on the deck which were already starting to get deep groves cut in the plastic from the deck belt. Unfortunately I replaced the hydraulic pump Idler pulleys with the same plastic pulleys because I needed to get it back to mowing quickly. Now that I know I can replace the plastic pulleys with better quality Metal pulleys and bearings I will do the same to the hydraulic pulleys when they fail again and it is just a matter of time. Buy Made in the USA parts and always request USA parts if at all possible.

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