Exmark Quest 48"

by Tim

Bought in late fall 2009. It's now June 2010 and so far so good with the Quest. It has reduced my mow time considerably.

Only complaint is traction. Due to the short wheel base and stiff frame at times you will loose traction while turning. But this could be common for these size mowers for home use. For anyone going from Tractor to Zero Turn. Read the safety manual well. It can be tricky when mowing near side sloping hills. I have a ditch that usually is full of water till late July so I have to side mow as much as I dare. But I love the mower and have included using eye protection. These machines will make a cloud of dust and grass. They really get the job done.

Some of the bad comments I read about this mower I think are from people who may have purchased some of the early models, and just like anything, it takes time to perfect.

As far as durability in design goes look at the size of the front caster bearings in comparison to other mowers of the category. They include a wash port on the deck for you garden hose. I don’t recommend using it. Especially just after mowing. Cold water on warm hot bearings just sounds like trouble. I use a paint stick to clean the deck only takes a few minutes.

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