Fastrak1848- Model 928520 Hustler 2009 Mower Review

by Art Thorsen

Homeowner. Purchased August 3, 2009.

I would like to say that of all the equipment that I have used to mow my lawn in the last 40 years {Gravely Tractors) this is the worst piece of junk yet. I did not even have it 2 weeks when I started having problems.

Dead battery: Went back to dealer {Woodbury Saw And Mower, Woodbury, CT. They replaced the Voltage regular. This was one week mowing my lawn which takes about 2 hours.

The next problem was the mower would stop in the middle of mowing. They were never able to find the answer. I lived with this until the spring service April 18 2011. When they picked the unit up for service, I guess they looked for the problem with stopping again. They changed many parts and fluids, but I could not get any actual information from them if they found the stopping problem. Total cost for this looking and service $480.36. I continued to have the problem on and off all during this year's mowing season.

I guess I was some what lucky when I wanted to mulch some leaves Nov 12 and the unit would not turn over although the battery was fully charged. I contacted Goff's Equipment Service, Torrington Ct. They have the unit about a week and came up with a problem with the safty equipment associated with the steering and seat. The replacemt parts that are needed are on order and I should have the unit back middle of next week.

You can be sure that once the unit is in working order I will be looking for something else.

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