Hustler 2010 Super Duty 25/54

by Mike Lucas

I just bought my mower about 6 weeks ago and I LOVE it. I replaced a Swisher 2760 that I bought new 2 years ago. The Swisher was nothing but trouble, could not ever get a good cut with it and tech support was a joke! So, after the PTO clutch went out on it and of course was back ordered for a month, I couldn't wait around.

After doing research and asking people that owned one, I bought my Hustler. I decided on the Super Duty because I have some steep hills and needed the bigger tires. Boy, within the first minute of using it, I became a Hustler fan immediately. It handled sooo much better than the Swisher. It was like going from driving an old farm truck to driving an Escalade!!

To sum it up, I love my Hustler and wouldn't trade it for 5 Swishers even if they would cut right.

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