Hustler 2015 Raptor SD Mower Review

by JT
(Hot Springs, AR)

I am on my third season with a Hustler raptor SD 60 inch and have had nothing but good luck.

It is built very tough and I have cut a lot of high grass, weeds, and small twigs with a lot of oak trees around a 3 1/2 acre yard.

I have the Kawasaki engine version which I think may be a little better than the Kohler but in reality they are probably very comparable. I always like the sound of the Kawasaki the best. I have not had to take it back for repair a single time. I notice the left Hydro whines a little more than the right which may mean that I need to add oil but I'm not sure, everything has worked so well I have not even been tempted to take it to the dealer.

The machine runs like a tank and as long as I keep the blades relatively sharp it cuts evenly every time. As with any mower if the blades start to get dull from chopping up too much junk in the yard it will start to leave some grass that you have to go back and cut twice.

I would recommend the hustler mowers, they have been in the zero turn business certainly longer than most and they also sell a lot more of them than most of the other companies which probably in the end also adds more opportunities for the one in a hundred that do have problems and get online griping, which is usually user error with the owner in denial of their own shortcomings.

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