Hustler 48" Fastrak 2011 Mower Review

by Jeff

I purchased the 48” Fastrak to replace a Simplicity Axion. I had used and operated Gravely’s, Scag’s Husqvarna’s and Exmark’s in the past and was most impressed with the Exmark and Scag’s but the price tags were definitely intimidating for residential use.

While conducting my research, I ran across the Hustler brand. After extensive research on available material on the Hustlers, I decided to take a look, simply because their warranty is 4 years for residential which surpasses all other brands by two years. It did not take long to recognize the quality the engineers had put into the mower.

The item that stood out the most was its size. The footprint required for storage was much less than the equivalent brands I had been looking at. Second, the price tag was much better for the same quality of machine. In fact, the difference was as much as $2K on some models.

The engine is a 22hp Kawasaki and it runs smooth and quiet with more than ample horsepower. The deck is a welded heavy gauge steel that compares to any of its competitor. It has a lower seat allowing for a lower center of gravity. The ZT 3100 transmissions are very smooth and are incredibly responsive and are standard on the machine. The machine has a small gas tank, 3.1 gallons, which was a concern, but I can easily mow 3 acres with multiple trees using less than half the tank.

When hustler advertised that their machines have the “simplest maintenance in the industry” they are not kidding. Changing the oil is a breeze with exceptional ease of access to both the drain and the filter. I have conducted oil changes of some of the above mentioned machines and they definitely need to take notes from the Hustler design. I have also changed the hydraulic fluid and filters on the transmissions which is also fairly simple with the use of some car ramps to get the rear end up to gain access to the filters. The machine only has six grease zerks with all other joints being mechanically sealed bearings and the commercial sealed deck spindles also decrease the time spent doing the usual maintenance.

I purchase the flex forks when I purchased the machine so I cannot speak to the comfort of the machine with the standard forks, but I can and will say with the flex forks on my machine, it is definitely the smoothest I have been on.

The cut is exceptional even at full speed in grass as tall as 1.5 feet. My neighbor has a pasture and I had to test it out and was thoroughly impressed not just because of the cut but the mower never bogged or hesitated.

Over all I would recommend the machine to anyone to include the commercial guys. I am very pleased with the machine so far and cannot wait to see how well it is operating at the 10 year mark. I met a guy that bought one of these machines 5 years ago and uses to mow about 5 acres twice a week and he said it starts, mows and runs as smooth as the day he purchased it. With my experience so far, I believe I will be saying the same when my machine hits the 5 and even 10 year mile stone.

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