Hustler Fast Track 48" Mower Review

Just bought a new 2012 Hustler Fast Track 48" cut. It mowed bad right off the start. It acts like the deck is warped. It always has one chain loose and will adjust. The powder coat on the mower is rusting underneath paint in four big spots.

The mower only had six hours on it, so I brought it back to the dealer. It's been there for 4 weeks and Hustler finally talked to me today. They want to touch up the powder coat with spray paint or touch up paint. Come on, that's not powder coating. I've emailed hustler four times with no response. I've called them and they give you a great game of phone tag and don't call you back.

All I wanted is to trade for one that did not rust and mowed good. I would even pay for the super duty upgrade. No luck. I'm still paying on a mower and it's still at the dealer.

Don't buy a hustler unless you like this kind of service.

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