Hustler Fastrack Super Duty 60/2009 Review

by Tim Cochran
(Raleigh, NC)

Bought a leftover 2009 brand new Hustler Super Duty 60 about 3 weeks ago. Had been running an old Excel 260K which was made by Hustler back in 1993. Had gotten the old mower second hand and was decent, but had a ton of hours on it when I got it.

I have about 8 acres to cut counting 2 acres for normal yard and the rest around my pond and a pasture area. It used to take around 7-8 hrs to do the job not counting having to work on the old mower before actually mowing. This past Friday I was able to cut the entire area in just over 2-1/2 hrs.

I cannot say enough about this machine. It was like going from a 1965 Volkswagen to a 2010 Corvette! It responds in an instant, will cut even tallest grass just as fast as you want it to go. It was as though this mower just started to grin as I headed it towards the grass!

I highly recommend this mower to anyone who has a larger area to mow or to anyone who wants performance out of a quality zero turn mower. You will not be disappointed.

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