Hustler Fastrak SD 2014 Mower Review

by Jim Dixon
(Harrisburg, PA)

Pros: well made, mows great.

Cons: VERY rough ride, drive tires too small(this contributes to rough ride), fuel tanks too small(3 1/2 gal). The Hustler website says with 2 fuel tanks you can mow all day long. I use over 2 gals per 1 1/2 hour of mowing.

I traded in a Hustler commercial model 340 for this new mower. The 340 had an adjustable seat for weight of operator, and rode great. The seat on the Fastrak SD has 2 small springs on the rear of the hinged seat mount. On rough patches in the lawn you WILL get beat to pieces. I have ordered the seat suspension kit. Hope this helps.

My personal opinion is, this mower lists at $7,000.00. It should come equipped with the OPTIONAL flex fork front wheel mounts (for a smoother ride), AND a better seat suspension system.

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