Hustler FasTrak Super Duty 60" Mower Review

by Doug Yoder
(Plain City, Ouio)

I just bought the Fastrak Super Duty 60" ZTR. I love this machine! It has the Honda engine in it and this thing is a grass-cutting monster! Even going up the steeper part of my front ditch, this thing acts like it's nothing!

It's the closest to commercial you can get for residential use. It feels strong, well put together, and runs quietly for it's size. Two gas tanks, a new more comfortable seat, wider tires, and a nice cup holder. The deck is certainly heavy duty.

Even the wife can maneuver it without any problems. Maybe she'll start mowing??

I shopped around for a while and there are several nice ZTR mowers out there right now that look good. I chose Hustler because of the company history, build quality, Honda engine, and simplicity of maintenance. Very few moving parts boys, that's a good thing. The frame is solid with no bolts!

I don't plan to buy another mower for quite some time!

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