Hustler Mini Z 2002 52" W/Honda 24hp GXV 670 Mower Review

by Don

Bought this mower used July 2012 w/150 hrs. Previous owner says he needed a bigger cut mower for his area? Ok, my gain!

He stored it in a converted airplane hanger. It had been sitting for a while because the fuel in it was stale big time. Bought it not running. For a 2002 mower, this thing was and looked mint!

Took it home and drained the fuel in both tanks removed the carb. The fuel solenoid was stuck closed! Had to lube it, remove it and worked with it to get it to function again. It finally did. Cleaned the rest of the carb and reinstalled.
New fuel, new filter, new battery.

Time to go, and it did run great! Belts and blades looked good. Changed the hydro fluid and filter. I gather that 10w-40 oil was updated on these machines to 20w-50. So I used 15w-40 lucas high tbn diesel oil without the lubrizol additive hustler recommends. (Dixie chopper uses it with the same type wheel motors, so why not.) Worked well. Quiet and no leaks! Changed oil to 10w-30 Kohler oil because of its additive package. Bought the expensive oem Honda oil filter.
Has Denso spark plugs j16cr-u they were fine.
Leveled deck procedure as it was needed to cut properly.

Took it out for the test cut. This mower is fast, cuts great, and by far the most responsive governor on this Honda engine.

300 hrs now. I cut 4 acres plus a cemetery every two weeks.

So far this machine is money well spent, well built, and the Honda engine is the engine to have IMO.

24hp 52" cut is just about a perfect match IMO.

Go any bigger deck it may struggle in tall unmaintained grass.

Only other part(s) that has been replaced so far, other than the blades, was the deck idler pulley.

I am impressed with this mower. If you take care of it, I see a very reliable machine here.

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