Hustler Mower Review: 2015 Fastrak SD 54

by Dennis
(Alabama )

Currently has 19 hours on it. It has never drove straight and when I complained was told they all do that.

At 4 hrs, it wouldn't move. Both pumps were air bound. It has broken two deck tensioner Springs. Belt jumps off when first engaging. Even following instructions. Rear deck hangers bend causing the slide bolt to come out and rear of deck dragging down. Today both did it twice.

I'm not happy with this mower one bit.

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Apr 08, 2016
Deck NEW
by: Anonymous

You have two deck Tensioners springs broken. Hummm , what are you trying to cut.
I have same mower and not my first Zero turn. I had a Dixie Chopper before this thing and the Hutsler out cuts it by a long shot.
Don t understand at 19 hrs why your dealer not
helping you with this.
I have about 40 hrs on mine sure hope it does not go down same road as yours. I cut some fairly rough stuff.

Sep 16, 2015
Hustler Problems? NEW
by: Mike in Virginia

Presuming you bought this machine new, you have warranty rights. Even if you bought it used, you may still have some legal rights.
If the dealer can't or won't fix it properly, contact Hustler directly.
If all else fails, take a look at your State's "Lemon Laws" for cars to give you an idea of how your State government looks at such things, then consider going to court with a claim for your costs to get it fixed right or get your $$ back.
In a Small Claims Court, if your State has them, you present your situation to a Judge, so does the dealer, no lawyers, then you get a decision. If you go to a regular court, you should get a lawyer (usually first 1/2 hour consult is free) -- if you hire an attorney, your claim can include your legal costs.
Good Luck!

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