Hustler Rapter 52

by Colleen
(Ada, Mi)

We bought this 52" Hustler Rapter new in 6/2014. Drove great the first season, although I thought it cut the grass higher on the right side, but was so enthralled with owning a zero turn, I ignored this issue. Second season is when the repetitive issues began. Second season, 6/2015. Third cutting for this season the nut for the deck control arm fell off, and the shock for the mower deck dropped off. Called dealer for service and was told they would come out and service mower. A week later the service guy showed up. He replaced the nut to the deck control arm and said the whole deck lift assembly was bent and would order the parts to replace it. He said the shock was just a loose nut and put lock-tight on it and left. Two months later the deck lift bolt sheared off and dropped the mower deck to the ground scalping the grass before I could stop and figure out the problem. I called service and told them what happened also asked if my parts had come in. I was told that yes they had come in but somehow the parts were not set aside for me but put on the shelf and now they didn't have the parts anymore, that they would have to order them again. When the service guy came out 3 weeks later he replaced the bolt and "adjusted" the deck assembly without replacing any parts. Within 4 weeks the bolt sheared off again! They told me that the bolt that had been replaced previously must have been defective and ordered and replaced a new "stronger" bolt. This is the beginning of my third season, and after cutting the third time, the bolt sheared off again. Service department says they are suprised a with this as they have "never seen this issue before". At this point, I'm quite disenchanted with the performance of the my Hustler zero-turn. I am waiting on the service department to "order" the part so they can repair this problem "again". I feel like this is going to be an ongoing problem. Does anyone have an alternate method to permanently repair this issue? Since the warranty will be expiring next month, I will be on my own for repairs, although I do feel that this should be classified under a defective product issue, I doubt Hustler would agree. I haven't even begun to touch on the topic of why I'm having trouble with turning the tractor to the right, it just travels to the left!

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