Hustler Raptor 2016 Mower Review

by Jay
(Knoxville, TN)

I bought my Hustler Raptor with 52" deck 11 months ago and it has been a total nightmare. During the second time I used the Raptor one of the deck bolts bent causing the mower to mow uneven. This was repaired only to happen again. This time I did not realize it had happened and the mower caught on a rock that I should have cleared without a bent bolt causing the spindle to break. Once again it was back in the shop.

Fast forward to this season and once again the bolt bent causing a spindle to ream out along the bolt. This also damaged the drive belt. So back to the shop again.

Two weeks later and I get it back only to have the brand new drive belt jump off the pulleys and be chewed up. I get it back on the pulleys and finish mowing.

The next week I mow and the belt snaps. Upon further examination it appears the rear idler pulley is canted which caused the belt to come off. Buy a new belt and finish mowing and notice it is cutting uneven.

I have contacted Huster but getting no where other that they telling me to take it back in for service. 11 months old and less than 100 hours. I will never own one again. I want rid of this junk and I am buying a Scag.

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