Hustler Raptor SD 2015 Mower Review

by Roger
(Cabot, AR)

I bought this mower at the end of the 2015 summer. I only had the chance to use it a couple of times before the mowing season ended.

My pet peeve is people buying something and use it once or twice and then write a review on it without really getting to know it. Well now I have used this SD a whole mowing season now and I feel I have a great handle on its capabilities.

So I think this is an awesome piece of equipment. First off it has a high quality feel to it. Thick metal frame, very powerful engine and quality controls. I made the decision to pay the extra $1000 to get the SD because of the thicker steel deck and larger transmission. It cuts a beautiful lawn. Nice and even. It will mow through some pretty tall bermuda grass, if necessary, without any trouble whatsoever. It starts easily and with it's 26 HP engine it will throw the grass a good distance.

Now it does not like big hills just like any zero turn so I will just weed eat the creek banks and ditches because it's safer. It can flip over on you and could have catastrophic results. Since I have had it 1 year, it's time to get the steering adjusted. It's normal for the steering to get a little off and it's an easy adjustment to get them back even. This mower steers so easy, although if you've never used a zero turn there is always a learning curve.

The bottom line here, for me, is I anticipate I will be using this mower for years to come. I mow approximately 3 acres with several trees and bushes. Not completely flat and level and it takes about 50 minutes.

If there is one negative it is that the engine is so powerful I have to wear goggles to keep and dust out of my eyes and it throws dust and grass into the pool but a small price to pay for a great mower.

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