HUSTLER / SPORT / 2011 Mower Review

by Gordon
(Lincolnton, GA, USA)

I've only used it once, but I am impressed. My other mower broke a few weeks earlier and my grass was pretty tall and thick.

I used the Hustler Sport, with 26 HP and it had NO problems cutting the grass.

My dad has a 21 HP Tractor mower and his mower always has problems with thick/tall grass.

I got my mower in Augusta, Georgia at a place called Power Link. I worked with Dennis. He is great. I had some other things I thought about purchasing. But after talking to him, he told me that I would be wasting my money on some of the things I wanted. I realize now that he was right. I'm sure he could have gone ahead and sold me the other things I wanted. But rather than making the extra money, he provided me with only what I needed.

So both the product and customer service are great.

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