Hustler Super Z 2004 Mower Review

by Fred Statler
(Troy, Missouri, USA)


Honda 24 horse is underpowered for 60" deck (don't know why they even tried this option but I was new to the game at the time)...have had numerous starting issues over the years with relays and voltage regulator...I know this has been a chronic issue because brother in law has had the same issues on identical machine but a 2005 and numerous posts on mower forums...Turn key, fan came on no crank. Had to hot shot the mower nearly every time I mowed, which probably contributed to the VR issue. Charged and changed batteries way too was little help in chasing this down, or getting me any satisfaction through possible tech bulletins or recalls that may have existed....blades are a pain in the arse to sharpen. No drain on the hydro tank?! Have to use a freakin' turkey baster to change the fluid...geeez!


Built like a Panzer...deck height adjustment system is strong and simple....strong pumps...nice air filter set-up...lube, oil and filter is pretty easy. Fast!

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