Hustler ZTR Mower Review: Mini z 52 19 Kaw Engine

by Ronald
(East Tennessee)

I bought used from a guy for $2,000. I got on it and fell in love because how fast it was. The throttle and choke cables were messed up on the machine. So before I ever had a chance to mow with it I took to the shop to get those fixed and blades sharpened.

My first run on this machine was not flawless. The grass I was cutting was not that high and I wasn't going full speed, but it kept leaving shoots of grass sticking up everywhere. Still not sure why?

Secondly, every time I hit a bump or go straight up an incline the mower acts like it wants to die, then it'll go back to normal and keep on mowing until I hit a bump or go up another hill. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 18, 2015
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by: Mike Mintzer

I've experienced the same thing with the missed grass, both with the 3 blade Hustler, and with a 72" belly mower on a New Holland Tractor. I took to sharpening the blades before EVERY cutting, now I use a diamond hone (bought from Harbor Freight on special for under $10.00). Some grass springs back up fast enough that it will get reliably cut, some doesn't, so I also make sure I overlap my passes a bit.

As to the engine issue, are you running the engine full throttle all the time? If not, try that (treat the mower as if it is a tractor, not a car). If that doesn't help, then sounds as if the carburetor has a problem or perhaps some crud in it. I'd try running some carb cleaner additive through the tank.

I'm not a real expert, just have 12 years experience with our Hustlers, so if someone else has ideas, they should also be considered.

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