Hustler-Mini FasTrak-42 Inch Deck- With Honda 16 hp-2 cylinder w/dual overhead cams

by The Mowing Granddaddy
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Purchased in Summer of 2010. Homeowner mowing 3 acres with a lot of trees in some areas and wide open areas in other areas.

Pros: This mower is built like a tank and has a heavy steel guard on the back to prevent damage to the engine. I noticed the Mini FasTrak sets much lower to the ground when compared to other models. This allows easier mowing under trees and better stability on slopes. The 42 inch deck enables mowing between trees and under other obstacles like guide wires. The 16 hp Honda 2 cylinder provides plenty of power and will not bog down in high grass that is wet. I was amazed at how even and complete this mower cuts the grass when traveling at its top speed of 7 miles per hour. Deck height adjustment is fast and easy. Simply push the deck height pedal with your foot and then insert a steel peg in the hole for the height you want to set. If traveling toward a high curb or high edge of a driveway the deck can be raised to maximum height by pushing the deck adjustment pedal all the way down. Then the deck height adjustment bar instantly clicks into the high travel setting. Push the pedal again, lift a lever and the deck returns to its previous setting. The learning curve from conventional rider mowing to zero turn mowing was not as great as I expected.

Cons: When I finished mowing my place I wanted to find more grass to mow.

Hustler was the 1st company to make a Zero Turn Mower and Hustler makes the best.

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