John Deere 810A 54in cut 2009

by Greg Hollon
(Munford,AL. US)

I have 15 hrs on my JD 810A. It is a very impressive machine. Its cut is very good and is simple to operate.

I compared other similar mowers and not only found the 810A to be, in my opinion, the best and to have the lowest price.

The motor is good for the 54" cut. If you choose to buy a larger cut, I would get a larger motor.

Prior to buying my 810A I read several bad reviews on this mower. After 15 hrs of use, I have come the conclusion that these reviews were probably done by someone who pays someone else to cut their lawn or have never operated equipment.

I cut about 1.5 acre per week. For my needs, it was the best choice.

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