(Fulshear, Texas)

Purchased this unit after my 5-year old L130 dropped (cheapo flimsy) hydrostatic tranny all over my driveway.

Local JD dealer told me that I had been sold wrong class of machine for my yard size (by one of their former salesmen. Promised me that the Z445 would cut my mowing time in half. Turns out to be literally true - 2 hours instead of 4 and yard looks much better. Also, don't have to sweep clippings and burn any more (good thing, due to ongoing drought/burn ban).

For the $5k I paid for the thing, it should have more warranty coverage, but since each cutting takes half the time now, the warranty will roughly even out between hours and months.

Z445 with Kawasaki engine and 54-inch high capacity deck is a grass-cutting beast.

Dealer gave me reasonable cut off retail for buying last year's model and so far I am happy with the results.

Wish the thing had some springs on the seat, though.

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