by Michael Von Wert
(Lucedale, MS, USA)

Most expensive lawn ornament and worst lawn mower I've ever owned!

Discharge chute is level and straight out instead of angled down and back. If you are mowing, and there is any breeze, you will end up wearing dirt and grass... a lot of dirt and grass.

With less than 6 hours on the mower the $50+ belt broke. Dealer said it was because I ran over a pine cone and that pine cones and ant hills would cause the belt to break.

The belt problem is such a big one that the second biggest sign in their store is the one warning that they do NOT REPLACE BELTS!

Now being disabled I have to walk around my 8 acre yard and pick up pine cones and level ant hills. This increased the time needed to cut my lawn.

The mower deck is designed in such a way that taller grass can go under the deck and remain flattened by the blades spinning underneath. Result is a lot of missed grass that has to be gone over again. Also increased my mowing time.

The engine is powerful enough and the ZTR is great, but the mower's inability to mow over small cones or dirt hills mitigates any time saving they provide.

I will not purchase another Exmark or Quest mower. I'll go back to John Deere.

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Jul 11, 2011
Only bone dry
by: Carl Griffith

I have a 2010 Quest and have to mow in the hottest part of the day,at which time the mower does very well,but if I mow when there is any dew or moisture whatsoever, I have to shut the blades off at least every round to let the grass fall out which of course would mean my 5 year old Troy-bilt will outdo the Quest.

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