Review of Dixie Chopper, Classic, 2007

by Brandon Norman
(Columbus, IN)

We have ten acres and two dams we mow every week. We previously maintained this property with a 6' finishing mower behind a tractor and two cub cadets.

We purchased our Chopper in 2007 and was the best decision we had made. This mower is a power horse. The dams are very steep and nearly 60 feet tall. I have no problem going up or down them with a clean cut. On hills every zero turn will have a problem thats why you need to go straight up and down instead of sideways. I have cut down saplings up to 3" in diameter, briar patches 6' tall with no problems.

We service it every spring and have had no problem to date with any part of this machine. Annual service being new oils/filters, new belts and sharpening of blades.

Definitely would spend the money on another mower. I stand behind Dixie Chopper and would recommend one to anyone. Anybody with a question can even reach me on my personal number 1-812-599-6075. I would love to help!

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