Silver Eagle 44 inch cut 25 hp Generac Mower Review

by Greg Summers
(Perry, Mo.)

Honest pros and cons from homeowner cutting 5 1/2 acres with quite a few trees.


1. Fast
2. Powerful engine and hydraulics. (I pull trees out of the woods for firewood)
3. Built like a tank-Really an animal.
4. Cuts nicely, disperses grass clippings up to 20 feet evenly
5. Tall field fescue and wet grass-no problem. (If you can get this puppy over something she'll cut it!)
6. X Blade option cuts grass beautifully.


1. Generac engine is loudest I've heard out there.
2. X Blades 2x as loud as regular blades and terribly dusty.
3. Way too easy to tear up sod when turning with OEM tires.
4. If you have rough ground-IT WILL BEAT YOU TO DEATH! For us seniors you can lower tire pressures, get the front tire suspension and seat, also SLOW DOWN!
5. Steep hills or embankments are dangerous for almost every 0 turn mower I've ridden if you try and run horizontally.


I bought my Silver eagle with a 25 hp engine with only a 44" deck because I have a lot of trees to go around and I wanted POWER. Again if you have a lot of steep hills and rough ground perhaps a 0 turn isn't the best choice. Some DC competitors have soft suspension and better ride but they scalp and cut grass unevenly from what I've experienced. Want an animal? Want a tank like build? Want durability? Do you want an exceptional grass cutter? BUY A DIXIE CHOPPER!

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