Super Duty Fastrak 36 inch Mower Review

by Hill Country Lawn Service
(New Braunfels, TX)

I will never buy another mower from Hustler.

With my first mower, I had 16 warranty repairs in the first eight months before they would replace the mower. They would only replace the mower if I agreed to pay $5/meter hour. I did.

The second mower came with a bad hydrolic pump on one side of the mower which they replaced. They have replaced the spindle bearings twice. I have about 200 hours on the meter. The first mower had 186 hours at trade. The bearings were three of the warranty works. The blades are so fast (13600 rpm) that you need to replace the blades instead of sharpen because of the slightest differance you get wobble in the spindle.

Hustler has been good about the repairs and has stood behind their warranty. At the $5000 price tag for this unit, it gets repaired too often.

I mow residential 99% of my business. When it mows, it does a great job. But nothing Hustler could do would change my mind about the product.

The first mower had a pully on the clutch assemble mounted upside down, had steering arms that rubbed on the casing, gas tank leak, meter that didn't work.....POOR inspection at factory.

Bottom line BOO!

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