Viking 48" Mulching 08

by Bryan
(Lake Charles, La)

I had 2 metro's 48" before and liked them very much. Excellent cut. Easy to handle w/reverse assist. And, of course, the best engine's period Kawasaki 15HP j (gear driving).

When I bought the Viking 48" (hydro), the salesman said I'd like it a lot more. Well it's nice, but for the price difference, I'm not sure I like it much more. To go in reverse, you have to really squeeze down on the controls. I don't think you should have to work your hand muscles so hard to go in reverse. Other than that, it's been a good mower. Have sulky's for all 3, which is nice. The 2 wheel sulkys (different brand Havener) are nice. The hydro has a ZTR sulky with wheels that turn 360---nice.

I do like the Exmark brand. It's been a great mower. The cut is as good as you are going to get. They have Kawasaki engines now.

JD has come out with a nice line of commercial mowers using Kawasaki exclusively and Mulch-on-Demand. My brother just bought one and loves it. Not to mention, the great green John Deere color is my favorite. I may get one of those before it's over with. Just my 0.2 ~~!!

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