Advantages of Fertilizers

The advantages of fertilizers are easy to see on well-manicured lawns. Fertilizers promote green color, foilage growth, and root development. In addition, they improve the overall health of the lawn, which in turn crowds out weeds, weeds off pests, and improves curb appeal. In addition to sunlight and water, grass needs to absorb nutrients from the soil to carry out photosynthesis. Most yards are deficient in at least one of a dozen elements in the earth.

When to Fertilize?

  • At a minimum, 3 times/year–Late spring, Early Fall, and Late Fall.
  • At a maximum, 6 times/year–Early Spring, Late spring, Late Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall.

Quick Tips About Fertilizers

  • If using granular, apply before a rain so it washes in.
  • Don’t apply if temp is over 85 degrees. It can burn lawn.
  • Avoid a fertilizer overdose. Too much can lead to runoff.
  • Be careful not to let clump, or will burn lawn—leaves a big white spot.

Remember, it is vital that you do a chemical program to maximize your lawn. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, have a local lawn treatment company do it. You can sign up online for a free estimate.