Commercial Lawn Equipment for Business or Serious Home Use

Here is a barebones checklist of commercial lawn equipment for business or for serious home use. A well manicured lawn requires more than just a mower…

1. Power Equipment:

Lawn Mower


  • Get a straight shaft commercial 2 cycle trimmer under 12 lbs.
  • Good ones cost around $200-400.
  • Trim grass the same height as mower. Do not scalp the lawn.
  • Advanced users flip the trimmer upside down and use as an edger. It takes a lot of practice.
  • Carving beautiful straight edges along walkways, curbs, and other borders gives your lawn that professional manicured look.

Backpack Blower

  • Get a powerful 2 cycle one.
  • Costs around $250-$500.
  • Need to blow debris off of walkways, driveways, and out of beds.
  • Helps with spring cleanups and is essential for fall leaf cleanups.

Push Blower

  • Essential for fall leaf cleanups.
  • Costs around $500-$1400.
  • Look for one with a powerful engine: Honda or Kawasaki.

Hedge Trimmer

  • Costs around $200-$400.
  • Get one with double sided blades.
  • Another great option to buy a weedwacker with an interchangeable head. Redmax offers a unit with three interchangeable heads: weedwacker, hedgetrimmer, and chainsaw attachment.
  • This is a great tool because it offers extended reach.
  • Chainsaw
  • Costs around $150-$600.
  • Echo or Stihl brands are pretty good.
  • Chainsaws are easy to use, but can be dangerous. They tend to jump around a lot in hard wood. I’ve seen tons of experienced landscapers slip and cut themselves.

2. Fertilizer and Pesticide Equipment:

  • Granular Applications – Wheeled Rotary Spreader or Drop Spreader
  • Liquid Applications – Backpack sprayer

3. Cleanup Tools: Leaf Rakes

4. Hauling Tools: Wheelbarrow, Green Barrel, Plastic Tarp

5. Digging Tools: Edging Shovel, Spade Shovel,

6. Climbing Tool: Ladder

7. Measuring Tools: Tape Measure, Measuring Wheel

8. Safety and Comfort: Ear and Eye Protectors, Knee Pads, Gloves,

9. Repair Tools: Screwdrivers, Socket Set, Wrenches

10. Miscellaneous: Gas Cans, Fire Extinguisher,

The following equipment is worth mentioning, but not necessary to buy. Just rent one from your local hardware store when you need it.

  • Aerator
  • Thatcher

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance during the season and properly winterizing your equipment at year’s end will save you a fortune in repairs.