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Founded in 1909, Ferris Industries Incorporated, shortened to ‘Ferris,’ has won the vote of landscapers and lawn enthusiasts alike. The company sells a wide range of mower products, from Walk-Behind mowers to Stand-On mowers to Ride-On mowers to what we’ll be discussing today, the Zero Turn Mowers.
Ferris has made its name in the landscaping and lawn care space with innovative ideas and top-of-the-line technology. For example, let’s look at an issue that, if prevalent in a lawnmower, can be a very inconveniencing small detail. This issue is that of a bumpy ride on uneven terrain. Ferris almost completely nullifies this potential problem with its revolutionary suspension system. This means that the chassis of the lawnmower absorbs any impact that would have otherwise been absorbed by the driver, giving the operator of the mower a comfortable, stable ride, even on rough terrain.

The Zero Turn Mowers

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Ferris Mower 

The term “zero turn” in the name refers to the turning radius of the machine, which is zero inches. This puts the turn radius of all the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers at zero degrees, which means this lawnmower can effectively turn in its position. This is great for maneuverability and speed, especially when it is compared to a tractor.
While a tractor has a conventional steering system, the Zero Turn Mowers have two steering handles that control both the mower’s rear wheels. Additionally, the deck of the mower is extended out in front of the seating position, as opposed to being beneath it, like a regular tractor.

Mowing Patterns

Since the turning radius of the mower is zero, it can make perfect 180 degree turns at the end of its rows to achieve a perfectly clean trim on the lawn. On the other hand, a tractor would find it hard to get things done in one go as there would be a decent chunk of untouched lawn left in between the rows during passes. The tractor would then have to backtrack at the end and drive over grass that has already been mowed to get to the remaining grass. This would prove to be a very tedious task, making the Zero Turn Mower the obvious choice between the two.

Intuitive Handling and Easy Drive

The Ferris Zero Turn Mowers may sound challenging to drive due to their two steering handles, as opposed to the usual steering wheel, but driving this marvel of engineering is surprisingly intuitive. The steering handles control both the direction and the speed. So, the handles are brought back to neutral to slow down or bring the mower to a stop. If you want to increase the speed, push the handles in that direction. Zero Turn Mowers have parking and emergency brakes, but they do not have a foot-pedal brake.

Reduced Mowing Time

There’s a reason that landscapers love the Zero Turn Mowers. The machine is easy to use, simple to pick up and understand, and saves a lot of time. Due to the zero turn technology, it is astonishing how easily it is maneuver among and between obstacles, allowing you to mow around trees, fences, playing structures, etc.

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The speed of straight-line mowing of Zero Turn Mowers has also increased since it was designed to minimize effort and speed up the cutting. For comparison, a lawn tractor mows at a 5-6.5 kph (3-4mph) speed, while the Zero Turn Mower boasts a cutting speed of 8-13 kph (5-8mph).
Mowing perfectly in a single pass is easily doable since a full 180 degrees turn can be made in place when you reach the end of the property. Additionally, as the deck is extended outward, the operator of the mower has a clear sight of what is being trimmed, meaning there will hardly ever be a need for follow-up trimming.


It is advised not to operate the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers on slopes greater than 10 degrees since the steering of the machine is dependent on the traction of the wheels. If the wheels slip, the mower will not turn.


Zero Turn Mowers are a bit pricy in comparison to lawn tractors due to the larger frame, stronger engine, bigger deck, and two hydrostatic transmissions instead of one. However, the long-term cost-efficiency makes it worth the purchase as it reduces mowing time, so less gas is consumed. Seeing as how the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers run for fewer periods, there is less damage and wear and tear to machine parts.
So don’t hesitate; go ahead and give the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers line a look. The latest and greatest in the line, the IS® 6200 Zero Turn Mower is fitted with a 48 hp* CAT® turbo diesel engine. It comes equipped with a hydraulic deck lifting mechanism and a performance monitoring display while operating at a cutting speed of 20 kph (12mph). This machine is a powerhouse intended to work on industrial-scale projects.
If you’d like to browse and see what fits you best, visit the Ferris Mowers website.