We will be taking a look at one of the leaders in lawn care equipment products. More specifically, the Zero-Turn Mower range that John Deere offers.
You may have heard the name of this company being thrown around when discussing lawn care and maintenance products. John Deere has made a notable reputation among the masses with its excellent products. The company is known primarily for its tractors but do not let this overshadow the fact that its zero-turn mowers are some of the best on the market.
Moreover, choosing a household name has many positive implications. The brand is at a point where it has accumulated so much public trust that people will be drawn to buy its products naturally. John Deere has a huge following and many loyal customers, so once you buy a product, you become part of a massive community of people who can help you through your experience. It is not some obscure brand that leads you down a path of dismay and confusion when you buy from.
Zero-Turn technology in mowers refers to the zero-degree turn radius of the machine. This means that the mower can halt to a stop and turn 180 degrees while pivoting on its front wheel such that a zero-degree turn is achieved. This means there is no excess untrimmed grass left when the mower is making passes through the property. Essentially this reduces the mowing time by a lot.

John Deere Z375R-54 (retails for $3,499)

A part of John Deere’s Z300 series of zero-turn mowers, the Z375R is fitted with a V-twin engine and 54-inch cutting deck flat-top design that will make quick work of small lawns. The large size of the deck means that there will be fewer passes needed to be made to trim the whole lawn effectively. A stamped-steel design makes it so edges and corners do not accumulate a buildup of clippings which worsens performance.
The optional mulching attachment can be used.
The seating on the mower is comfortable with adjustable and removable armrests. The controls are color-coded to make things easy to identify. The low fuel light is bright enough to be easily visible during the day. The shock-absorbing two-steel coil suspension system allows the operator to have a smooth ride while operating the mower with twin-lever controls. The foot platform is large enough for the operator to be seated comfortably.

John Deere Z515E (retails for $4,599)

Hailing from John Deere’s Z500 series, this powerhouse of a machine comes in two deck options; 54-inch or 60-inch. It is fitted with a 24 hp* V-twin engine and has a forward speed of 8 mph.

john deere z515e


The operator station of this machine is to provide top-notch comfort to the user. It is equipped with a large foot platform with optional rubber matting and optional footpegs to enhance comfort. The seat position, along with the armrests and the spring suspension, is adjustable to suit each operator.
The John Deere Zero-Turn Mower features a digitally displayed fuel gauge and a sleek and simple control console. A conveniently located fuel-sight window is placed in the front of the mower, which the operator can easily view to check the fuel.
Deep mower-deck stamping allows for better performance of the machine as it cuts quickly and allows for the cut material to exit the deck with ease. This means lesser re-cutting of the material and more power expended on cutting fresh grass.
The Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt work together to give the operator a protective zone which reduces the likelihood of the operator being stuck under the machine if it is to overturn.

John Deere Z345R (retails for $2,899)

The price tag may have dropped substantially compared to its peers, but there is no compromise on the comfort with rubber floor mats, foot lifts, and an 18-inch two spring suspension seat with armrests. Like the Z375R, the Z345R also has shock absorption to allow for a smooth ride without any hitches, no matter the terrain.
John Deere Zero-Turn Lawnmowers come with informative service interval decals, as well as web page info that gives links relating to maintenance, warranty, manuals, and how-tos.
The engine on the Z345R proves no trouble in terms of service. Tasks like changing the oil, oil filter, and air filter service are easy to perform for anyone.
The motion levers that operate the machine are intuitive to use and are adjustable to suit the operator. They also come installed with a shock absorber to minimize movement of the levers, and hence the mower, when the terrain is rough. There are also multiple height settings for the cutting deck to provide the optimal result.
John Deere offers many more options across its 3 class ranges (Z300, Z500, Z700), each offering something slightly different that may suit you best.
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