String Trimmer Reviews

It is never an easy decision which brand to buy. These string trimmer reviews will help you decide by comparing the top brands.

Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
Power Ratio Start Money
Echo 230 & 260 B B+ B B- B
Kawasaki KGT27A A+ A B- B- A
Maruyama 22-26cc A B+ B B+ A
Redmax 22-26cc A A B+ A B+
Shindaiwa T231&261 B+ B+ B+ A B
Shindaiwa T242 B B+ A- B+ B+
Stihl FS80 B+ B B B+ B
Stihl FS100RX A B+ B B+ B
Stihl FS90R B+ B+ B+ B+ A
Reviewed by Robert DeStaso.

Since I am on a permanent quest to find the best and most powerful string trimmers to use in my lawn business, I have tried all of these brands for at least one season. All are pretty good. Therefore, in addition to these string trimmer reviews, consider dealer support and resaleability.

Dealer Support

This is important because even the most reliable string trimmers occasionally require a repair. Even if you are mechanically inclined, it’s not worth having the trimmer if you can’t get parts for it. Dealer support varies by location.


The best resale values go in this order: Stihl, Redmax, Echo, Shindaiwa, Kawasaki, and then Maruyama.

For homeowners, who only use the trimmer once a week, resaleability may not be as important. For them, any of these trimmers should last years with the proper maintenance (ie: changing filters, spark plugs, winterizing).

For Landscapers or other heavy duty users, resaleability is very important. Repair costs can quickly add up even for the most dependable trimmers. Therefore, the most cost effective way of owning the latest trimmer is to…

  1. Buy new.
  2. Keep until the warrantee runs out. (1-2 years)
  3. Sell on Ebay. Since it will still be on the newer side, you can still command around 60% of the original price. This is assuming you put some effort into cleaning it up. Wipe it down with WD-40 (light lubricating oil) for a real shine. A few nice digital pictures go a long way. Most used equipment pictures on Ebay look like garbage, so that is your competition.

I often hear guys brag about how they will run their equipment into the ground before buying something new. But the goal is to finish the job quickly and avoiding frustration in repairs and repair bills.

Standardizing String Trimmers

Like most landscapers and property managers, my ultimate goal is to standardize all my equipment. It is important to standardize becauseā€¦

  1. Less spare parts you need to keep on hand (ie: spark plugs, air filters). Keeping spare parts for different machines gets expensive and your garage fills up quickly.
  2. You become familiar with common problems particular to that machine. You can fix things on the spot.
  3. You and/or your employees become experts at operating that particular model.