There are numerous options in the market when it comes to purchasing lawnmowers. There’s gas, electric, self-propelled, riding, or even robotic lawnmower that automates the process for you while you sit back as your lawn gets trimmed. In comparison, we feel that riding lawnmowers are most popular among landscapers and lawn enthusiasts, so we will be focusing on that category.

riding mower

The concept of driving the riding mower like a vehicle as it cuts grass under you is an intuitive process and is easy to grasp. There are, however, a few factors to consider when you’re in the market for a riding lawnmower. These include cutting deck size, transmission, turning radius, durability, etc.
We’ve sifted through what the market is offering in the latest line of riding lawnmower technology and gathered what we think are the best.

Toro Timecutter 75747

This marvel of machinery boasts so many good points in its favor; it is difficult not to recommend it. The Toro Timecutter 75747 combines zero-turn technology with its new ‘MyRide’ suspension system giving the operator comfort and easy mowing. The future of lawnmowers does come at a hefty price, but if it lies within your budget, this is the machine you want. The 75747 is a tad smaller than other similar 42-inch mowers, so it is easier to navigate. The cutting deck is durable, and the maintenance, which tends to be tedious in larger machines, is surprisingly simple.
Anyone who has spent enough time in an uncomfortable lawnmower seat, going over clumps of grass on uneven terrain as the bumps constantly throw you off of your seats, will appreciate the technology that has gone into making this Timecutter Model as easy to ride as it is. The new MyRide suspension system absorbs bumps into the machine’s chassis. This means that the operator stays unaffected and undisturbed while the lawnmower takes the hits. The MyRide upgrade is especially beneficial for anyone with back pain issues. However, if you feel you do not need the added benefit, you can choose not to have that upgrade added to your purchase.
This lawnmower makes cleaning and maintenance easy since you do not have to get down into the deck and force the stubborn grass clippings and dirt build-up out. Instead, the 75747 features washout ports. All you have to do is attach a garden hose through the port directly to the deck and turn the tap on. This will get rid of all the gunk in the deck itself.
Adding to all this, the Timecutter 75747 does not fall victim to the usual wear and tear due to its IronForged decks.
The machine retails for $3, 999 but you can get it for cheaper if you are willing to buy it used.

Ryobi RY 48110: The Electric Option

Just based on its look, you will be astonished at Ryobi’s new electric mower. It looks similar to a Go-Kart and handles like a dream. Running on an electric engine means the machine is as low maintenance as can be. On a full charge, it runs for 2 hours and is suitable for 2 acres of mowing.
The 48110 riding lawnmower is also much smaller than most of its competitors, which means it can fit into tighter areas and get more of the lawn trimmed. It has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and giving out reduced carbon emissions, which is ideal for working in a garden. It also runs quieter, which means no loud noises to disturb your family or your neighbors. Additionally, Ryobi’s electric mower can comfortably operate at up to a 15-degree slope.
The top speed this machine reaches is 8mph which drops to 5mph cutting speed and a 3mph reverse speed. There is a large range of 12 cutting height adjustments from 1.5 to 4.5 with two blades.
It comes with a side discharge default system. However, a bagging attachment can be purchased as it may prove to be a wise investment. A separate mulching kit can also be purchased to be attached to the mower, of course.
The RY 48110 retails for around $2,800 and seems to be a great pick for an eco-friendly lawn.

Troy Bilt Pony 42: The Budget Option

The perfect option if you are on a budget, the Troy Bilt Pony 42 is a tractor mower that does well with hilly terrain and with flat terrain riddled with obstacles. The 42 works well for lawn cutting of two acres as it mows through smaller lawns with its 42-inch deck. It is also not overly large and does not prove to be a problem when it comes to storage.
The mower features a 7-speed transmission with a speed of 5.5mph and a separate layer allowing for reverse mowing. The automatic headlights at the front of the machine make it much easier to continue mowing when night falls.
There are trade-offs for the lower price point. There is no zero-turn capability on the 42, although it still holds a relatively decent 18-inch turning radius, which is good for tractor mowers.
It retails for $1,649 and is the best budget lawnmower that we would recommend.