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The cost of lawn services varies from about $50-$210, depending on the size of your lawn, services needed, and location. Lawn care and service and integral for the life of a luscious lawn. Many homeowners who have engaged in regularly tending to their lawn may face a very widespread dilemma; Is it possible to comfortably do my lawn maintenance? This task may seem simple and easy to fit into your daily schedule, but we find it is much more efficient to purchase these services from a company. This brings us to our next question.
Who should I hire for the job, and how much does lawn care service cost? Now first things first, we will establish the difference between lawn care and lawn service. Often, companies may mix up the services provided under each heading, so it is good to know what to expect from each service and what is offered.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care encompasses the services that cover the health of both the turfgrass and the soil. This includes fertilization, lawn grass disease removal and control, soil health management, etc. If your needs are in line with these services, then lawn care is what you want. The end goal of lawn care is to have a full, lush lawn with an aesthetic look. Another point to consider when looking for companies that provide lawn care is the use of chemicals. The majority of companies offering lawn care provide pest control and fertilization by the use of chemicals. This introduces potentially toxic chemicals that will end up doing more harm than good in the long run. Although the chemicals make the grass seem greener and healthier, the lasting effects are adverse. This is why we suggest going the organic route and choosing a company that provides lawn care through natural methods.

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Lawn Service

Lawn Service, on the other hand, covers the landscaping of a lawn more than anything else. This includes mowing, trimming, and pruning, to mention a few. Usually, companies that provide lawn service also provide lawn care, with their main focus being servicing. If you want both services performed by the same company, make sure to do your research first, as lawn care requires a license to carry out fertilization, the spraying of pesticides, and fungicides.
Now that we have discussed the different services provided, we can touch upon the decision of hiring a company to look after your lawn, as opposed to doing it on your own.

Is Lawn Service Worth it?

Having a professional provide lawn services to you means that they will utilize their professional knowledge, which they have accumulated over years of experience. They will also have access to professional tools and equipment that would take you quite a bit of time to get your hands on and grasp an understanding of if you were doing it yourself.
Lawn care professionals hold extensive knowledge about the problems a lawn may run into, be it pests, diseases, fungi, or soil health. This means they will be able to diagnose the issues with your lawn and put a treatment regimen in place fairly quickly to remedy the situation.
Looking after your lawn on your own is a demanding task that eats up a substantial portion of your free time, especially if unfavorable weather conditions line up with your schedule. Having professionals do this job for you means you will have more free time and won’t be swamped constantly with tasks relating to lawn service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Lawn servicing generally costs anywhere from $50 to $210. This price range depends on a few factors.

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The first of these factors is lawn size. Most professionals either charge at an hourly rate or apply charges per square foot. For both of these pricing methods, the larger the lawn, the higher the price because it takes longer to service a large lawn stretched over a greater amount of land. Hourly rates vary from $30 to $60.
The next factor is labor. The larger your lawn is and the more services you need, the greater the number of people required to do the job. This means the hourly rate will be multiplied by the number of workers it takes to do the job.
If you have obstacles such as trees, structures, fences, playthings on your lawn, the work gets complicated, which drives the price up.
Grass length also dictates pricing. Taller grasses are more difficult to work in and will lead to an increase in the cost.
If you live outside of the vicinity of the lawn service company, there may be an added travel charge (base travel expense is usually factored into the hourly rate). This is why we’d suggest searching for nearby lawn servicing companies.