Commercial Lawn Equipment for Business or Serious Home Use

Commercial Lawn Equipment for Business or Serious Home Use

Here is a barebones checklist of commercial lawn equipment for business or for serious home use. A well manicured lawn requires more than just a mower…

1. Power Equipment:

  • Lawn Mower
  • Weedwacker
    • Get a straight shaft commercial 2 cycle trimmer under 12 lbs.
    • Good ones cost around $200-400.
    • Trim grass the same height as mower. Do not scalp the lawn.
    • Advanced users flip the trimmer upside down and use as an edger. It takes a lot of practice.
    • Carving beautiful straight edges along walkways, curbs, and other borders gives your lawn that professional manicured look.
  • Backpack Blower
    • Get a powerful 2 cycle one.
    • Costs around $250-$500.
    • Need to blow debris off of walkways, driveways, and out of beds.
    • Helps with spring cleanups and is essential for fall leaf cleanups.
  • Push Blower
    • Essential for fall leaf cleanups.
    • Costs around $500-$1400.
    • Look for one with a powerful engine: Honda or Kawasaki.
  • Hedge Trimmer
    • Costs around $200-$400.
    • Get one with double sided blades.
    • Another great option to buy a weedwacker with an interchangeable head. Redmax offers a unit with three interchangeable heads: weedwacker, hedgetrimmer, and chainsaw attachment. This is a great tool because it offers extended reach.
  • Chainsaw
    • Costs around $150-$600.
    • Echo or Stihl brands are pretty good.
    • Chainsaws are easy to use, but can be dangerous. They tend to jump around a lot in hard wood. I’ve seen tons of experienced landscapers slip and cut themselves.

Commercial Lawn Equipment for Business

2. Fertilizer and Pesticide Equipment:

  • Granular Applications – Wheeled Rotary Spreader or Drop Spreader
  • Liquid Applications – Backpack sprayer

3. Cleanup Tools: Leaf Rakes

4. Hauling Tools: Wheelbarrow, Green Barrel, Plastic Tarp

5. Digging Tools: Edging Shovel, Spade Shovel,

6. Climbing Tool: Ladder

7. Measuring Tools: Tape Measure, Measuring Wheel

8. Safety and Comfort: Ear and Eye Protectors, Knee Pads, Gloves,

9. Repair Tools: Screwdrivers, Socket Set, Wrenches

10. Miscellaneous: Gas Cans, Fire Extinguisher,

Commercial Lawn Equipment

The following equipment is worth mentioning, but not necessary to buy. Just rent one from your local hardware store when you need it.

  1. Aerator
  2. Thatcher

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance during the season and properly winterizing your equipment at year’s end will save you a fortune in repairs.

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