Hustler ZTR Mower: Review of Super Z

Hustler ZTR Mower Review of Super Z

The Hustler ZTR Mower (Super Z) was compared to other top zero turn riders in the following categories…

Hustler ZTR Mower

Hustler completely redesigned its Super Z making it bigger, heavier, and more durable.

Cut: Rating A-

The new VX 4 deck is a big improvement over the XR7. It has a very good vacuum, clean cut, and a smooth finish. If Hustler had used this deck 6 years ago, there would be a lot more Super Z’s cutting grass.

Durability: Rating A-

This should be an A because Hustler really has done its part. However, it loses 1/2 a grade due to the lack of engine options. The big block Kawasaki’s have had their share of issues. Engine aside, this machine is built like a tank. The Hydros are an industry first and I’m expecting great things from it.

Handling and Balance: Rating A-

This mower has power, torque, and is responsive. It is a bigger and heavier machine than its predecessor, which needs to be considered on smaller properties.

I recommend the Flex fork on higher cutting height applications. If you are mowing under 3 inches, expect some dipping and scalping, unless much care is taken when stopping and turning.

Available Accessories: Rating B+

This Hustler ZTR mower has an acceptable line of accessories. Mulch kit is good and reasonably priced at around $100.

The Bac-Vac system is a good collection system that allows the operator to dump from the seat. The only problem with the Bac-Vac is using it on a deck bigger than 52”. With a capacity of only 9 bushels, a 60” deck fills the collection system too fast. An easy remedy would be to increase the vac’s capacity like Scag’s 16 bushels and Exmark’s 13.5 bushel capacity. However, Hustler does not recognize this as a shortcoming.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating A

This mower is a completely redesigned machine and unique compared to other ZTR’s. The only negative I see is size and weight. Like Scag’s Turf Tiger, the New Super Z is big and heavy.

Hustler ZTR Mowers on Ebay

Hustler ZTR Mowers on Ebay

Here are the Hustler zero turn mowers that are currently listed for sale on Ebay. I’ve found some great deals there. And I’ve sold a ton of old equipment through it.

If you aren’t already a member of eBay, you need to go to the registration page before you can bid, buy, or sell anything.

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